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Buyer’s Guide: Stanley Engineered Fastening ProSet® XT Range Series Hydro-Pneumatic Blind Rivet Tooling

July 30, 2018


When it comes to picking tooling, there are a few factors involved. We want to make sure your purchase is durable, cost effective and will pull enough force to keep my production line moving seamlessly . With the addition of Stanley’s new Proset® XT range blind rivet tooling, we decided to take a look at their predecessors in the market to find the pros and cons of this new series.


When it came time for Stanley Engineered Fastening POP/Avdel to upgrade their Avdel NG and ProSet® Series blind rivet tooling, they decided to combine forces and create a new tool that would encompass customer favorite features and allow customers to pull both POP and Avdel blind rivets with the same hydro-pneumatic tool. The combination alone is a great addition, eliminating tool selection confusion for customers that had trouble in the past. The XT series includes 4 different tools with a lighter aluminum body and rubber base to ensure durability. Each tool includes ultra-high piston rods to provide long tool life time.

Major Plus: Life Time Warranty

Instead of the standard 2-year warranty, POP/Avdel has decided to extend to a life time warranty on the core of the tools (it does exclude frontend pieces like nose pieces, jaws, etc.). This is currently the only series in the industry that offers this type of warranty. This alone is worth taking into consideration.

How does the new Stanley ProSet® XT Series compare to the POP ProSet® and Avdel NG series?

The core specifications are very comparable to the original two ProSet® XT series features in regard to pull force, stroke and force/weight ratio. However, the XT series does have faster cycle times by a few tenths of a second per tool which leads to more cycles per shift resulting in faster production time.

Pros of the Stanley ProSet® XT Series

- The tool bodies are made of aluminum for a lighter and quicker use.
- Cycle times are less than a second on all tools (XT4 is 1 second, all the other tools are less).
- Life time warranty is available.

Cons of the Stanley ProSet® XT Series

- The XT1 and XT2 look very similar but they are not. They handle completely different grip ranges and pull completely different rivet size rivets.
- The NG and Original ProSet® Series production ended in 2017. XT production has taken over that space.


If you’re trying to set 3/32” or less / Avdel NG1 or POP ProSet® 1600 equivalent

The XT1 is perfect for setting small rivets and still gives you the pull force that you need. XT1s are compact, lightweight and a robust hydro-pneumatic tool that is perfect for production.

If you’re trying to set 1/8- 3/16” / Avdel NG2 or POP ProSet® 2500MCS equivalent

The ProSet® XT2 is the most versatile of all the XT series tools. It can pull a variety of rivets with a cycle time of less than .6 seconds. With the most pull force it will give you the most bang for your buck. Note: if you try to get away with ordering the XT1 based on price and not based off high performance for the type of rivet you are trying to pull, you run the risk of not having enough power and end up have to replacing jaws or jaw holders because it can’t get enough grip on the rivet.

If you’re trying to pull 5/32- ¼” / Avdel NG3 or POP ProSet® 3400 equivalent

You want the XT3. It has a long stroke range which makes it easy to insert longer rivets, interlocks, sealing plugs, and Monobolts. The rubber base of the tool is perfect for a busy work environment, with minimal damage. The piston bearing rings ensure maximum performance with a pull force of 17kN.

If you’re pull break stem rivets and lockbolts / Avdel NG4 or POP ProSet® 5400 equivalent

The XT4 is for you. It is the most powerful tool from this series. It has the highest pull force range and the tool itself only weighs 4.41 pounds. Not only can this tool pull break stem rivets but also can be used to install Avdelok, Maxlok, Avtainer lockbolts as well. The ultra-high tensile piston rod provides maximum tool life and hydraulic damping for smooth operation.

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