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Introducing the New Stanley® Engineered Fastening ProSet® XT Series Line

July 5, 2018


Stanley®  Engineered Fastening has recently introduced their new line of hydro-pneumatic tooling for blind rivets that will work with both Avdel®  and POP®  rivets. Since the combining of forces in 2014, POP®  and Avdel®  tooling have stayed separate from one another. Their popular tooling options (POP Proset®  1600, 2500, 3400 and 5400 and Avdel®  NG 1, 2, 3, and 4 series) have remained industry favorites due to some of their most popular features including shorter cycle counts, high pull-to-force ratio, and a mandrel collection system.

Instead of updating both lines of Avdel®  NG and POP®  ProSet®  series tools, POP®  and Avdel®  decided to combine customer favorite features from both series to create a tool that will work with both brands of rivets. The confusion of selecting which tool works best for you is eliminated.

So, what’s new about these tools?

This new set of tooling was designed with customer favorite features in mind. These tools are made of aluminum resulting in a lighter more comfortable fit. This new design has the best cycle time in the industry right now. In comparison to the old tools which had a cycle time of about 1 second is now down to .9. This may seem insignificant but it equates to setting more rivets per day. Both the mandrel collector and the nose piece feature a quick release making maintenance and clean out time significantly faster.

The ProSet® XT series comes with a lifetime warranty instead of the traditional 2-year warranty. The warranty covers the core of the tool (front end replacement parts including nose pieces, jaws, etc. are excluded). This is the only series in the industrial blind rivet tooling space that provides this type of warranty.

The XT series includes 4 different tools based on the type of pull force and rivets that you are working with. Each comes with different features and styles. 

ProSet®  XT1

76001-00003  ProSet XT1 is a compact, lightweight and robust pneumatic/hydraulic tool that is perfect for production lines. This will set any of your small rivets including 3/32”- 5/32’’ and micro rivets. This light weight tool has a rubber base making them last longer and less likely to break easily.

ProSet®  XT2

76002-00003  ProSet XT2 is your most versatile tool out of the set. It will set rivets in a variety of sizes (1/8”-3/16”). Cycle time is only .6 seconds and delivers 8.9 kN of pull force.

ProSet®  XT3

76003-0003  ProSet XT3 has a long stroke range which makes it easy to insert longer rivets including interlock and Monobolt. The rubber base of the tool is perfect for a busy work environment, with minimal damage. The piston bearing rings ensure maximum performance.

ProSet®  XT4

76004-00003 ProSet XT4 is the most powerful tool from the series. It has the highest pull force range and the tool itself only weighs 4.41 lbs. Not only can this tool pull break stem rivets but also can be used to install Avdelok, Maxlok and Avtainer lockbolts as well.

 For more information on the  ProSet XT Range series, Visit  Stanley Engineered Fastening


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