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Keeping up with Stanley Engineered Fastening ProSet® XT Range Hydro-pneumatic Tooling Maintenance

August 28, 2018


Keeping up with tool maintenance is a critical part of keeping your assembly line moving. It’s important to put a maintenance management plan in place by setting up daily, weekly [or 5 k cycles] and bi-annual [50k cycle] checks to ensure that your tools will continue to operate smoothly.

Stanley Engineering Fastening has introduced their new ProSet® XT hydro-pneumatic tooling series for rivet setting. Here are the recommended maintenance guidelines to follow.

Daily Maintenance

  • Make sure the air chamber is fully tightened onto the tool.
  • Make sure to be using the correct nose piece for the rivet that you are trying to pull.
  • Make sure the mandrel collector is fully tightened onto the tool.
  • Make sure the stroke is to the specifications that you are intending.
  • Make sure to bleed the airline to clear it out of any excess dirt or material before connecting it to the air supply.

Weekly or every 5k cycles

  • To start, you’ll need to remove the entire nose piece to check and clean all interior components.
  • Check jaws to make sure they are not worn or damaged.
  • It’s important to inspect all components for worn or damaged parts. If so, replace immediately.
  • Clean components and apply moly lithium grease to jaws and taper bore of jaw guide.
  • Now, you can reassemble the nose piece
  • Finally, give the tool an overall inspection. Check hose and couplings for air leaks.

Bi-annually or every 500 k Cycles

  • Every 500,000 cycles, you should take the tool completely apart and look for any worn or damaged components. All O rings should be removed and replaced and lubricated with Molykote 55M (07992-00075) grease. For pneumatic sealing or Molykote 111 (07900-00755) for hydraulic sealing.
  • The result of not following these guidelines can lead to faulty operation of tools, assembly interruption or tool replacement. If you have any questions on tool maintenance, feel free to contact us 

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