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Smarter Supply Chain Solutions

Smart Factory Logistics allow you to focus on your core competence while we make your inventory management leaner and more transparent. The combination of our bin scales and interactive software allows our customers to track their inventory without ever having to manually place an order again. This saves not only time but cost as well. With innovative systems and custom solutions, we bring the Internet of Things to your factory and facilitate machine-to-machine communication.  Smart Factory Logistics is composed of the following components:

ARIMS – Supply Chain collaborative platform

Having full control over your c-parts just became a lot easier with ARIMS. Wouldn’t it be helpful to not have to take time to cycle count again? What about current inventory status or not having to place another PO for your c-parts again? Our ARIMS software is an interactive platform that gives you full visibility over your inventory. ARIMS dashboard provides in depth analytics on historic usage of product as well order traceability. 

Features include:

  • B2B ERP integration ready
  • Real time data  
  • Personalized dashboard
  • Graphical analysis and report  
  • Mobile app for smart devices
  • Operation dashboard
  • Interactive program management
  • Last-mile operation dashboard

Bossard ARIMS Data Sheet



Smart Bins


SmartBin is a weight sensor system that monitors inventory levels in collaboration with our ARIMS software. Bins are strategically placed to work within your existing infrastructure allowing for easy integration. SmartBin scales are calibrated by our experts to make sure you never run out our inventory again. They work by constantly measuring your inventory levels down to the kilogram. Once inventory reaches a specified “re-order point”, ARIMS will automatically re-order that product for you and replenishment stock is set into motion. All of this data is displayed in our ARIMS software dashboard for you to see.

Bossard SmartBin Classic               Bossard SmartBin Flex


Smart Label



 SmartLabel can be utilized with any bin or shelf that holds your inventory. Inventory can be re-ordered real time with just a push of a button. Labels displays are customizable your specific needs. The easy to read E-Paper display provides you with much more than a traditional paper labels. This label is “Smart” and provides you with real time information on product specific order quantities and delivery dates. All this at the push of a button.

Bossard SmartLabel


Last-Mile Management

Last Mile Management completes your factory floor supply chain processes. Our last mile management App gives your warehouse staff all the information they will need to quickly and efficiently keep your production lines stocked. SmartLabels indicate what items need to be replenished, which shows up in the picking lists. At the beginning of their shift, warehouse staff are provided a picking list for production requirements. Information is provided on which parts need to be replenished and to which station. Once the products are successfully picked from the supermarket they are transported to their appropriate station. Replenishment levels are reset and they will no longer display on the app. The end result is a leaner, more efficient supply chain flow.

Bossard LMM





Not sure which solution works for your facility? Take a tour of our interactive blue print and find out for yourself.




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